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Introducing Weft Extensions to PARLA!
That famous Mary wave!  Colour and style

What are Weft Extensions?

Flat track weft hair extensions are one of the most popular and gentlest extension methods available. They're suitable for almost any type of hair—thick, fine, flat and anything in between! They can be used to add extra length or even just for some extra thickness.

The advantages of this method are that it is completely damage free and the hair can be reused over and over again (hooray!) This method allows for easy maintenance, the extensions grow seamlessly with your natural hair and require moving up every 6 – 8 weeks.



How does it work?

The wefts are applied using silicone-lined beads, creating a “track.” From there, the weft/row of hair is sewn along the track to support the weight of the extensions and not put any strain on your hair. The result will be beautiful and thick from roots to ends, making it super easy to style at home.

Sounds amazing right?



What can you expect at your appointment?

  • An in depth consultation with one of our amazing stylists, we will discuss with you your desired results and how many grams of hair we recommend to suit you. We will also walk you through each step of maintaining your amazing new hair!

  •    Your hair will be washed and blow-dried before application, the stylist will then apply the tracks and sew your weft.

  • Your weft will be expertly cut and blended to suit you.

  • We will style your hair so you leave the salon looking like the glamour queen you are!

Convinced? Need them now!? – Book a complimentary consultation online or call/message the salon to speak to one of our amazing stylists!



Weft Packages 



Initial installation

50gm - $316

100gm - $499

150gm - $682

200gm - $860


Pull up (includes wash, blowdry, cut and style)


 $150 - $180 


All hair extension prices are a guide, these will vary slightly depending on your hair. Your stylist will be happy to give you a personalised quote during your consultation. 


We require all new extensions clients to attend a consultation appointment before their service, this is to allow us to assess your hair, match the colour and order the hair for you. At the consultation you will be required to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit if you choose to proceed. 



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