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What are Weft Extensions?

Weft extensions are one of the most popular and gentlest forms of extensions on the market. Suitable for most hair types, these extensions can be used to add length, create thickness or both! Carefully applied by our experienced team, you'll love your new hair! 

All new sets of extensions require a consultation appointment and 50% deposit before booking.  (consultations can be booked online)


Options + Prices

All prices shown are a guide and subject to change. During your initial consult your stylist will advise you on the best option for your hair and provide you with a tailored quote. 

$509 - $659

50gm is a great amount of hair to add thickness only. Suitable for fine / medium textured hair. 

18" - 22" 
$1275 - $1649

150gm is a great amount of hair for a full transformation. Great if you have naturally thick hair, or your hair isn't very long.

Maintenance appointment (no wash or blowdry)
$130 - $225

Maintenance appointments are required every 6-8 weeks. Depending on how you look after your hair. 

If you are not booking a wash or blowdry with your maintenance you MUST come to the appointment with clean, dry hair. 

$849 - $1099

100gm is a great amount of hair to add thickness and length to most hair types. Depending on your current hair length + thickness you may need 150gm for a full transformation

Above 150gm +

If you have extremely thick hair you could need more than 150gm of hair. We will give you a price during your consultation.

Maintenance appointment including wash and blowdry 
$180 - $275

Maintenance appointments are required every 6 - 8 weeks depending on how you look after your hair. 

Add on's


Custom Colour  / toner for extensions

Wash and blowwave

Extension Blowwave package

Occasionally your extensions may need to be customised. We will discuss your needs during the consultation.

Coming in for regular blowwaves is a great way to make sure your extensions are healthy and well maintained. 

For the committed girlies! This package includes 5x wash+blowwaves to be used whenever you like! (just make sure you book ahead)

Perfect option for those hwo enjoy a weekly blowwave.

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